Automation of production based on Microsoft Dynamic NAV (formerly Navision) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) includes the following aspects:

Terms The detailed routing of production process. Standardization of terms

Recipes. Detailed recipe allows you to normalize the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products flow.

Planning Connection of consumed components with production route allows clearly identifying terms (date and time) necessary for resources usage. Based on information gathered on sales volume and production plans there is a possibility to make out production schedule, to allocate production resources, to determine production needs and to balance raw material lack by tender for the supply from suppliers and for internal logistics as well, in order to dislocate semi-made products among production departments just in time.

Optimization. Increase of stock rotation. Decrease of volume of stocks on the ground. Decrease of financial resources withdrawn from circulation

Prime cost Immediate/automatic calculation of production prime cost.

Working process Boost of a work task creation and collection of reports per shift. Usage of data collection terminals allows significantly speed up process of production reporting creation, e.g. reports per shift, immediate reporting of consumed/produced components

Reporting Immediate disclosure on current production orders in all management reports. Automation of management reports creation.