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Prices are constantly changing retail: discounts and promotions, new collections and receipts. Constantly it is necessary to replace the price tags and labels. To date, the most common method perekleivanie label "on the fly" is the use of the data collection terminal (TSD) in conjunction with a mobile printer prints labels. But for the fashion retail, this option is not the best, because in most cases, merchandisers need two free hands - to find the product label and scan the bar code, and then re-stick it.

Company BSA has found a good way out of this situation, which will greatly speed up and simplify the process of replacing labels. You will need the following hardware and software:

1. Mobile scanner - a scanner the size of a key fob on the key with the holder is worn on a finger or the wrist and allows release of the hand if necessary. It connects via Bluetooth to the tablet /smartphone.   For this purpose, suitable scanners:

  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner:

CS4070.png Wireless CS4070 scanner is small and fits easily in the palm of your hand. This scanner weight - 93.2 grams including the battery, which is enough for 12 hours of continuous operation. Scanner indicator allows you to monitor the level of battery discharge. CS-4070 has a capacity of memory of 512 MB that can store more than 1 million barcodes. Used in 2D scanner (Image) as the scanning head scans 1D and 2D two-dimensional bar code.

  • Symbol CS3070 Companion Scanner:

CS3070.jpg Wireless laser scanner, weighing just 70 g runs through Bluetooth 2.1 or USB. Scans 1D codes, and operates at a temperature from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.

2. Any tablet /smartphone based on Android With a special attachment tablet /smartphone can be worn on the hand and, if necessary, to view the information about the change in price of goods. Price data are synchronized with the database of Wi-Fi (if available), LTE /3G (using sim-card) or through connection via USB-cable to the PC.

3. The mobile label printer - a compact portable label printer with the mounting fixed to the belt and is connected to the tablet /smartphone via Bluetooth. When you scan a barcode in the case with the new price label price changes are automatically printed.
Mobile Printer: Zebra QLn320
Zebra QLn320 printer with iPhone.jpg  Mobile thermal printer Zebra QLn 320 for mobile label printing and is ideal for use in trade. print width is 79 mm. The model has broad functionality and ease of use. The printer Zebra QLn 320 refers to a series of third-generation printers Zebra QL. For convenience, the printer is equipped with a large screen that displays the information you need. The difference between this model is to increase the speed of label printing (102 mm per second), as well as improved quality of the print materials (203 dpi).
 4. The tablet /smartphone based on Android should be equipped with a special application that synchronizes with the base of ERP-system for updating the price information data. Also with the help of this application commands are transmitted to the mobile label printer.  Scheme of data transfer between devices: PO.png The application communicates with the user by means of beeps that alert you about a successful scan or a failure occurred. This communication system allows the user to not be distracted by the monitor, the display immediately and decide on further action.
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Alexey Shamin